Grim muerto


Grim Muerto is an old video slot from Play and Go. It has 5 revolving reels and 20 total paylines. The slot is based on the popular Mexican holiday known as the Day of the Dead. The name of this slot is taken from the area where it originated. It is in fact one of the few slots that are completely themed.

This casino game has many exciting features including the special “day of the dead” reels. Each reel shows a different scene that has something interesting to offer. This makes the game more interesting to play and gives it a much darker and realistic feeling than most slots. On every single spin, there are a wide variety of items to collect: coins, jackpots, gifts, spinner, wheels, and more.

There are many promotions for this slot machine. You can get free spins and winning big jackpots. If you like the game, you can even enter to win real cash prizes. As you can see, this is a great game with lots of exciting free spins. With the use of our free slot machines guide, you will be able to quickly figure out how to beat the reels, get the most number of credits, and most importantly, get the maximum amount of free spins!

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