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What happens today and market challenges

It was always a problem for founder and sponsor to find each other. Projects and founders are fighting for attention and sponsors can’t find good and reliable projects to support. Besides the fact that the ICO market is quite young today, mentioned issues and other problems appeared. The following problems are definitely worth attention for the sponsors:

  • Very poor security of provided support.
  • Weak or absent guarantees of result.
  • Lack of team’s confidence, their expertise and completed amount of work.

Teams and projects
have no less problems:

  • Big problems in finding sponsors. Teams used to visiting overloaded Bitcointalk, communities and new promising projects have don’t have much chances to get attention because of huge informational noise.

  • Suspicious Escrow services and Advisors like unreliable people and companies who ask for a huge percent (usually up to 10% from contributors and sometimes even from entrepreneurs). Sometimes they even require prepayment or purchasing subscription for performing a deal between sponsors and founders.

  • Informational campaigns. The more projects are in the market, the harder it is to promote them and marketing/PR campaigns are getting much more aggressive. A Good team and project can lose just because other people have made more contributions in purchasing articles and content. In fact, advertising and public relations don’t guarantee that a/the project is good at real.

  • Team’s complectation. Quite often a team doesn’t have specialists so development may be stuck because of this reason.

  • Usually platforms don’t care about projects made on their blockchain.

The list is not really comprehensive and with some time market will have new challenges and solutions will be needed in dramatically short terms. But the mentioned issues are dominating today and they damage ICO supporting. That makes a big problem for releasing good products and services.

Our solution is complex but at the same time it is quite easy to understand for all current and possible ICO parties.

WeAre. More than blockchain for sponsors and founders

WeAre is an ecosystem, which contains amount of tools and services for contributors and founders who are going for getting donations by issuing digital assets (tokens or cryptocurrency).

Created concept is a solution for sponsors, founders and specialists that dramatically decreases mentioned problems.

It means that projects may be supported not by issuing new token but by additional issuing WeAre token. The additional emission will be purchased by participants and funds will be transferred to teams to support their projects.

This approach has
a lot of advantages:

  • No need to fight for tokens recognition.
  • It dramatically decreases expenses for keeping token serving infrastructure.
  • There is no need in bureaucracy or adding project to listings. Placing tokens on external exchanges is not needed anymore. Developers are working on their product only.
  • Risks diversification for contributors.
  • ACO is very handy for splitting sale on several rounds.
  • The ecosystem provides ability to cover failure of one project by success of other projects. So, failure will not make a critical damage to WeAre token holders. Also, this will happen because the token will still be needed for payments and making support other projects.

Information about different problems, solutions and stuff may be discussed in communities, chats, forums or in personal messages.

What WeAre is:

  • Automated preliminary ranking of projects, which filled out application for participation in WeAre ecosystem. Provided data will make a big help in project filtering and after this the projects will be recommended for voting by WeAre members who has some interest in specific production sector.

  • Support will be performed by additional issuing of WeAre token, which is reserved directly for specific project. If contributors purchase issued soft cap of tokens for launching project, the needed funds are going to the team and they start development. Transfer will be provided by special Escrow service from WeAre Foundation. In other cases issued tokens will be removed and sponsors will get complete refunding.

  • Risk decreasement. WeAre token doesn’t depend on success of one team and project (as it usually happens during regular ICO). It’s important that WeAre token is universal for both funders and sponsors. Some extra tokens may be used by contributors or other participants for purchasing products, services or other financial operations.

  • Tokens will be supplied by real sales of products and services, which are provided by all ecosystem participants.

  • Support from community. Everyone is able to discuss and support projects on WeAre platform. There are no limits for discussion. By this way developers will get very useful feedback, which may be used for upgrading their product or concept.

  • Leaders of other WeAre projects or assigned representatives will vote for adding new team and project to WeAre ecosystem.

  • Access to specialists of platforms. The specialists are representatives of other teams. It is common to provide help and support to each other. Besides that, all teams will have a special staff member named “specialist of exchange balance holder, quality assurance and voting according new project’s application”. He will be permanent team member of each team and represents interests of WeAre ecosystem. He is obligated to provide consulting and mentorship to all projects who requires that. We are expecting that he will combine this work with obligations of own project’s CEO, which are powered by WeAre ecosystem.

  • Absence of bureaucracy and legal issues. WeAre provides best conditions for team’s and fund performance in legal area. Additional Coin Offering will be provided only inside the WeAre blockchain legal area so all teams will use same legal conditions and will not violate any laws of specific countries.

  • Informational support for projects. Teams no longer have a need to spend insane budgets for pointless bounty campaigns and compete for attention of audience. Our resources will allow provide best informational performance by sharing promoting information and keeping in touch with interested audience. Each new project (and smart-contract as a result with soft cap) will require less funding in development of media sources because new project means new high quality media event and increasing involved audience.

  • Market doesn’t get offers for new cryptocurrency or token but new emission of current. So, there is no need to compete for recognition.

The Algorithm of adding new project to platform looks like this:

  • Application will be automatically scored by specific algorithms, which are detecting needed data about project and parameters.
  • Participants of ecosystem (team leaders or CEO of other projects) will vote for adding new team to WeAre ecosystem. More valuable are votes from leaders who are closer to new participants.
  • New emission of WeAre token will be provided directly for development of new project. Sponsors are purchasing amount of new issued tokens. When the soft cap is reached, teams are starting development. Otherwise the new emission will be removed from ecosystem.


We see as our competitors:

Investment funds

They are holders of really big amount of funds that are very suitable for teams, who are looking for funding abilities. But funding corporations dramatically limited on supporting abilities which would be handy for founders. Also, their requirements to projects are extremely high.

Significant/Important cons of this way of funding: very high percent for using capital.

Accelerators and incubators

They have quite modern approach for funding but still have some lack of tools that are needed for teams. Lack of legal support, pointless information and absence of some perspectives for teams usually is a notable weak point of this competitors.

Critical cons: expensive for participants. Amount of projects is very limited. When funding rounds are over, any kind of support will be stopped.

Current blockchain platforms

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitshares today are still best for people, who are going to get funds on ICO. Some their cons: absence of guarantees and ability of complete anonymity of founders. What means ability to avoid any kind of responsibility. Low community involvement and overload by information media sources don’t leave any chances to new and promising projects to get any attention.

Big cons: absence of transactions control and any control of market participants.

“ICO Operators”

They have tried to include best tools that are provided by incubators, funds and platforms. But they are not solving any problems which have investors and teams. They keep investors in secret and take a huge percent (up to 30%) from both sides of business relationships. But usually they are anonymous and don’t provide any guarantees to any participant.


A - Blockchain platforms

B - Investment funds

C - Accelerators and ICO operators

D - WeAre

Accelerators and
ICO operators
Easy to use
Staff support
Low entry level
Media support
Low rates from success
Direct funding access


A - Blockchain platforms

B - Investment funds

C - Accelerators and ICO operators

D - WeAre

Accelerators and
ICO operators
Risk diversification
Ability to avoid fraud
Abscence of commissions for using funds
Ability to fast get in\out from deals

We see as our clients:

  • Projects and teams who are interested in fast and fair funding for start of product development.
  • Sponsors who used to support into ICO and know main market’s problems.
  • Sponsors who are interested in ICO supporting but haven’t done this before. Those who are afraid of possible scams from teams and lack of trustworthy information about projects.
  • Customers can buy services and products for one universal WeAre token (inside ecosystem).

WeAre is a place where almost everyone can find something for their interests. Sponsors are getting good and trustworthy projects and security for their own funds. Risks are dramatically decreased by appearance of new projects inside the ecosystem. More successful projects on the platform mean better cover for project failure.

Projects are getting funded instantly and all bureaucracy doesn’t relate to them in any ways. All legal issues will be solved by WeAre ecosystem.

WeAre token

WeAre token is universal digital asset, which has the following purposes:

  • Payment unit. By using WeAre token, all liquid assets are available for exchange: Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Waves, etc.. Also customers and clients are free to use WeAre token for purchasing services and products inside the ecosystem. It is handy for all WeAre participants because the asset is stable, risks are decreased and the token may be used for purchases not only in one store of developer/project.
  • Reliable diversification tool. Token’s pricing directly related to amount of successful projects and sold services/products. It is a good asset supplied by real demand.
  • Directly indicates success of projects. Good and promising projects because of sales will make influence on token’s quotations. Failure of one project will not make a big influence because success of other projects will cover it.
  • Additional Coin Offering will be available only in case, when would be projects for that (and smart-contracts as a result). With sometime inflation will be covered by sales.
WeAre economics

Blockchain ecosystem WeAre will not be a commercial organization. And will not belong to founders. By performance it will be close to current selfregulating communities.

Inside the ecosystem will be a network of “WeAre Foundation” branches. In fact, the network will be a property of all ecosystem participants. The main source of profit is micro commissions from all transactions inside WeAre ecosystem.

Support of exchange, financial and reputation balance will be main task in the one line with non-stop involving new business projects to ecosystem.


WeAre branches will be placed in biggest cities all over the world. Staff will be busy by WeAre token support and development. Also they will work on token’s stability and ecosystem. WeAre Foundation’s staff will support launched and finished ACO campaigns.

These specialists will provide management of fund, its usage and splitting. WeAre Foundation will consist of all team leaders of projects or their official representatives as a staff expert. These specialists will support projects, which have passed automatic filtering. Each branch will contain conference hall, auditoriums for beginners and founders.

WeAre Foundation will have coworking space for participants who are already in progress with their project. All needed staff, services and information will be collected in one place and anyone is able to use it. Participants could get private coaching and open lectures provided by specialists from their area. Also they will provide valuable recommendations about projects, which will improve quality and the project’s possibilities.

Full amount of projects and assets will be a property of all participants, but not small number of people and founders. WeAre is not just another blockchain or fund that provides token issue and projects supporting. It is a complete ecosystem, where success of each project increases portfolio value of all token holder. By this way all team leaders are interested in success of all projects and will provide all available help by advices or providing staff or funds for solving some issues.

Main idea of WeAre Foundation is to promote WeAre token and to support new projects of the ecosystem. Profits of WeAre foundation depend directly on WeAre ecosystem.

The soft cap is $3.500.000 (includes marketing, ecosystem development, legal issues and main office with staff and functionality). Business development means that branches will be opened in all big cities all over the World. The staff and technical support team will allow best cooperation performance with projects and teams all over the World.

The complete ecosystem development, marketing and support requires $23.000.000. We are expecting to get $3.500.000.

If needed amount of funds will not be reached on Pre-Sale so main ICO round will be made inside WeAre ecosystem. In case the soft cap is not reached, the refund will be provided to all contributors.


All donations will be used for completing ecosystem’s functionality and opening of main WeAre office and one branch in addition (depends on amount of funds reached on Pre-ICO). When Pre-ICO is over, we are going to launch a few ACO for the projects. Meanwhile two ICOs will be issued with additional amount of WeAre tokens according to portions of new projects in blockchain ecosystem.

After that ACO will be provided for next 10-20 projects on WeAre platform, which means additional issue of WeAre token.

Q2 — Q3 (2017)

  • Creating first WeAre concept

  • Creating community

  • Working with focus group for getting feedback and updating concept

  • Private Pre-Sale

  • Accepting applications from teams

Q4 (2017) — Q2 (2018)

  • Forming the final model

  • Preparing and making crowdsale

  • Creating legal background

  • Alpha-version of network

  • Preparations and ICO main round

Q2 — Q3 (2018)

  • First ACO of projects

  • Completed and working main office

Q4 (2018) — Q2 (2019)

  • Completed ecosystem

  • Completed operational part

  • WeAre Foundation branch network

Our team

Founder, CEO

CEO, Entrepreneur, blockchain innovator. Assets assessor.

Founder of one of the most visited and biggest Russian-speaking communities “ICO Start-UP’s”

Founder of WeAre Ecosystem

Worked in asset development of “Souz Marins Group”.

Worked in preparations and management of building processes in structures which were preparing to building and holding Olympic games “Sochi-2014”.

Took a part in development of franchise network X5 Retail Group.

Owner of two asset management corporations.


Co-Founder, CBDO

Co Owner of Russian-speaking Telegram channel Researching and integrating blockchain technologies into real sector. 2016-nowadays.

The founder and financial director of the company, franchisee of the biggest Russian retail network X5 Retail group.

The founder and CEO of investment management company from commercial real estate sector.

Managed supply department at “Gazpromregiongas”, which was an affiliated undertaking company from Gazprom, (service and upgrading of gas pipelines in Moscow).

Managed development department at affiliated undertaking structure (building and supply), which was one of the biggest building and engineering corporations in Russian Federation. The company was an implementer of town-planning facility of federal significance.


Co-Founder, CTO

2007 -* building of SAP corporate systems, creating of inner system interfaces for:

Transneft, Alpha Bank, SAP CIS, Severstal, Atos IT Solutions and Services A/S, Rosneft, Gasprom, Metinvest, IBM EE/A, Rosatom, BDO